4 Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Unfortunately, most people don’t realise how important plumbing maintenance in Bristol unless and until they encounter with the serious problems. As a homeowner, you have to perform plumbing checks at least once every six months. Plumbing maintenance is one of the most important aspects of home maintenance not just because it preserves your house structure and function but also helps you save time, effort and money.

Here are Some Helpful Plumbing Maintenance Tips That You Can Use to Minimize The Chances of Costly Repairs.


Fix leaking toilets as soon as possible to prevent wastage of water. To detect leaks, all you need to do is apply some food colour into the cistern. After a minute or two, check for colouring in the bowl or bucket. If you find colour then you have a leak. Get the leak fixed by repairing or replacing the washers and other components. When it comes to plumbing maintenance in Bristol, it is wise to hire highly skilled professionals.

Blocked Drains

  • Over time, blocked drains can cause serious structural damages to your property. Install strainers in your bath and showers in order to prevent hair and soap chips from blocking the drains. The strainers capture all the hair and soap chips. So, don’t forget to clean these regularly.
  • Stop pouring oils and fats down the kitchen sink. Oils or fats get solidified in the cold pipes and end up causing a blockage.
  • Using caustic drain cleaners to clear a blocked drain is like living in a fool’s paradise. These products get trapped in the pipes and end up causing costly damages to them. When it comes to cleaning blocked drains, it is wise to hire a team of highly experienced plumbers.

Taps and Sinks

  • You may not notice it but leaking taps in your bathroom or kitchen can end up wasting hundreds of liters of water. A dripping tap might catch your attention but leakage from the base is usually overlooked. This is why you should always check for moisture around and under sinks. If you find a leakage, call a plumber immediately or fix it on your own by using the right equipment or tools.
  • To make sure you get an even flow all year round, remove and clean the tap aerators every year.
  • Clean and clear the overflow holes in sinks at regular intervals. Leaving the overflow holes unattended for longer periods of time could cause damage to the floors and cupboards.

Over the course of time, your pipes can get rusted and clogged. Regular plumbing maintenance in Bristol is necessary to make sure your pipes continue to work and drain properly. By following the above-mentioned plumbing maintenance tips, you can prevent minor problems from escalating into serious damages.


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