5 Incredible Painting And Decorating Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Want to know how to make your painting and decorating work in Bristol stand out and hassle-free?

Consider these 5 Painting and Decorating points in Bristol to see the results!

Use high-quality materials for better results

Over the years doing painting and decorating services in Bristol it has been proven that if you buy the best materials you will not only save time but you will get a better finish and the painting jobs will last longer. This is the case with preparation if you take care and prepare all the surfaces properly, woodwork, and plasterwork, then when you apply any paint it will adhere properly and it will look better for the effort you have put in.

Prepare the room and d├ęcor before painting

When preparing a room for painting and decorating, you really need to clear all the furniture out of the room, if for some reason you can’t move the furniture then you can pull it into the center of the room and cover it with dust sheets. Now you can take the curtains and curtain rails down and also the light fittings, next we need to remove the door furniture and put it somewhere safe. To complete the preparation, we can cover the floor with dust sheets and then we can start with our painting jobs.

For a smooth and efficient work, but plenty of focus on prepping the surfaces

Have a look at the ceiling plaster and the walls; are there any cracks or crumbling plaster to repair? Rake out any cracks and scrape out any crumbling plaster and fill with good filler and when dry rub down with sandpaper. The woodwork needs some attention now so rub down all woodwork until smooth, if there are any dents or holes then fill with good filler and when dry rub down until smooth. Where the wood meets the floor apply 2-inch masking tape to the floor so that when painting the skirting you get no paint on the floor.

The step-by-step process that you should follow!

We need to paint the ceiling first so with a 2-inch brush we cut in the ceiling where the walls meet the ceiling just 2 inches all-round the ceiling and then fist coat the ceiling with a roller and try with brilliant white emulsion. When dry we repeat the process with a second coat. Now we can paint the walls, first, we cut into the ceiling and the woodwork with a 2 inch brush, then we first coat with a roller and try the colour emulsion and when dry repeat the process with a second coat.

Now we can finish our painting and decorating work the job by undercoating all the woodwork with a white undercoat and when that is dry apply a glossy topcoat of brilliant white.

How to finish off and clear out the job?

Put the curtain rail and curtains back up and the light fittings put the door furniture back on. Pick up all the dust sheets and put the furniture back and at last, you are finished, now we need to find more painting jobs.

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