Buying a home requires a lot of financial responsibility. Just like standard oil changes for your car to keep the engine healthy and long-lasting, keeping up with regular home maintenance tasks is a must for an easy living and inexpensive life.

It can be frightening to think about so many tasks, especially if you’re a new homeowner. The good news is that you can do the majority of it on your own without much skill or experience. Everyone has Google these days they can easily type something like Residential Property Maintenance Bristol and get sources immediately. And if you really get stuck, call up your local handyman to help you out. You can segregate your work in a way that will help you remember and organize. Here are some ideas for scheduling a maintenance plan in a year.

Monthly works that you can cover-up

Inspect the HVAC filters– Many professionals will tell you to change the filters every month, but that’s not always needed. For nuclear or single families without pets or allergies, it is okay to change the filters every 2-3 months. If the filter is filthy and soiled, change it out otherwise inspect it again next month. It is advisable to go with cheaper filters and replace them frequently versus going with the costly filters.

Kitchen sink disposal- there are DIY solutions for cleaning the kitchen sink. Some would tell you to use vinegar ice cubes. The ice sharpens the blades as well. But if you cannot do it yourself, ask plumbing maintenance Bristol or a kitchen fitter Bristol to do it for you.

Hood filters– Cleaning the filter can be done by you. For people who are senior citizens or cannot manage for personal reasons can call a handyman to do it for them. Cleaning these on a monthly basis would be good enough.

Vacuum the house- Vacuuming the curtains, shelves, corners that don’t reach that often would be a good idea.

Quarterly works

You can test the smoke detectors, check the unused bathroom flush, shower, faucets, to keep it running, garage door auto-reverse feature, etc. These can be done on a quarterly basis as they do not tend to go wrong so frequently.

Biannual works Unlike calling house painters Bristol in every 5-10 years, this one’s different. Test your water heater’s pressure relief valve. You can go for a deep cleaning spree for the house like clearing clutters, reorganizing shelves and drawers, cleaning windows, fans, kitchen appliances, dusting every tiny corner, sweeping the garage.

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