The most important places in your home are the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. These places are the highest functioning rooms in the homes. Anything that goes wrong here, creates problems of a different kind. For the ones who do not have the best kind of Handyman Services in Bristol are unable to get over the problems.

Kinds of bathroom fittings

Bathroom design varies from person to person. Some have a closet attached inside the bathroom. But there are some common fittings, fixtures, and accessories that apply in all bathrooms of the world. But you need to keep in mind that once you fit these, a team of plumbing maintenance from Bristol can be called for checks.

The washbasin- The most obvious part of your bathroom, your sink comes in a different size, shapes and materials. Most of them are oval-shaped. There are stainless steel, ceramic, concrete, plastic, stone, glass or copper. The faucet, mirror, towel holder, shelf, soap dish are the basic accessories used near the basin.

The toilet- The place where all your waste gets deposited, this can be of two kinds- The western seat style or the squat (anglo-Indian) style. The accessories used near this area are faucet, toilet roll holder, hand shower, jet pipe (on the toilet seat).

Shower stall- This area can be in a cubicle or an open one. The overhead nozzle that sprays water on your body has different sizes. Typical accessories with it are shower controls, soap dish, towel rack, curtain rods, shower ventilator, hand shower and a shelf for your other essentials.

Bathtub- The modern bathtubs today are made out of fiberglass or acrylic but there are other alternatives like cemented ones, ceramic, cast iron, and occasional wood. The standard fittings that go with it are shower head, bath spout, soap and sponge holder, towel bars, vertical grab bars and curtain bar. Ideally, bathrooms should be near the bedroom or attached to it. One can also consider the light and window position. This helps in drying it up naturally. The residential property maintenance in Bristol can help in many ways in every little detail. Bathrooms need to function in a certain way and hence regular maintenance should be done in order to incur a minimal cost in the long run. Stay vigilant for any leakage, broken fittings, wall cracks, wall seepage, drain clogs, etc. If fixes are delayed, then you will have a high cost of the whole thing.

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