If you are planning to renovate your home by yourself or by hiring any handyman services from Bristol, know that there is a lot of pre-planning to be done. It isn’t an easy task to do everything by yourself. Even if you hire someone, you do have to give them directions in a proper way. There are steps on how you can organize this task.

Design and plan

Whether it’s a sketch on a napkin, a full-on architectural plan, or just a free-flowing set of thoughts to remodel the home, should keep progressing. It is less frustrating and cheaper to keep re-planning on the spot. You need to have sufficient funds for whatever you plan to do. Make a checklist, an excel sheet, call contact contractors and sub-contractors if you are not doing it yourself.

Foundation, roof, water issues, windows

Foundation fixes, roof repairs, water infiltration, installing sliding windows, places for box windows, water pipes, and many more works need to be carefully looked into. Depending upon your level of needs (whether building from scratch or an already constructed home), deal with these tasks with a calm mind.

Structural carpentry

This is in support of other works like doors, windows, drywall, new or moved walls, etc. The addition of new windows, constructing new walls, and many more can only be done by handymen professionals.

Electrical lines and plumbing

This comes at a later stage but strategizing switchboards, connection with inverters, light and fan placements, deciding on different kinds of lights are not easy decisions as it may seem, especially if you have a big bungalow. Plumbing work by the bathroom fitters of Bristol should be taken care of by them.

Insulation works

Place the insulation in the walls and ceiling according to your needs. The installation of fibreglass insulation in the attic and walls need to be planned.


If you bought a home with complete flooring, polishing and final covering can be done.

Interior painting, wallpaper and surface finish

Hanging wallpaper, painting interiors, moulding, staining, trimming, are a few things to decide on.

Fine carpentry

This is the non-supportive carpentry work such as baseboard, moulding, ceiling trims, trim around windows, etc. It is the finishing work that is important for every home and comes at the last stages of home renovation after house painters of Bristol have done their work.

Exterior works

With the house almost finished, sidings, gutters, and other exterior works should be touched unless absolutely necessary.

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