We have all needed some repair and renovation works in our homes. Sometimes the damage is small to fix it on our own and other times it is too big to handle. This is where home repair services of Bristol come handy. You can just give them a call so that they come over for inspection and discuss the basic matters accordingly.

Fixture substitution

Over time, fixtures in homes, such as cabinets, kitchen faucets, lighting systems, etc., may wear down or get damaged from everyday use. While many home furniture can be readily replaced by a layperson do-it-yourself (DIY) fanatic, there are homeowners who are either actively busy to handle the job themselves or just choose to let a professional do the job to make sure it’s done correctly. Many fixture replacement jobs don’t need a license, however, there may be times where refitting a particular fixture, such as a lighting system or faucet requires a specialized work permit. They can also do plumbing maintenance in Bristol.

Tile Installation

Tile installation over a prepared subfloor can be done by general handymen. While tile installation work sounds easy—lay down gum, smooth it out, and placing a tile over it—there’s a lot more to the installation of tiles than that.

They have to carefully calculate the floor space so they can cut tiles to match the boundaries of the installation site. They also have to lay the tiles accurately to prevent curved layouts and wasted space.

Residential Property Maintenance at Bristol

Some families need a maintenance team to let them inspect the home, bungalow, apartment, or commercial space for any repairs. This will help them plan from beforehand about the things required, time, and budget. The staff of AHS Handyman services is qualified enough to study every corner of the space and judge the damage if any. For example, they could provide for a window repair and charge a nominal fee on it. They would also help to clean up broken glasses, replacing or repairing the window frame. Or they could fix the wall that has water seepage, treat it accordingly after inspecting them thoroughly.

Power washing Exterior walls, Sidewalks, driveways, roofs, garage floors, and other surfaces have dirt and other debris—causing bad discoloration. Power washing should be utilized as an essential property maintenance measure to keep the external side of the home looking perfect.

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